Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving, how we eat affects the Earth

Thanksgiving is in one week. Have you thought about what you will eat or serve? What's that got to do with the environment? Plenty.

While you are planning your Thanksgiving dinner think about each and every aspect of it. Will you use Styrofoam for plates or cups? How about take-out or take-home? What about your turkey or ham? How was it raised? What was the impact on the Earth during the raising of your holiday turkey or ham? What was the animal's daily life like?

I have become a flexitarian, meaning most of the time I am a vegetarian. I am not against eating meat. I will eat sustainably raised animal products.

So, as you prepare your Thanksgiving meal, decide ahead of time if you want to eat locally grown vegetables and animals, and what is more important to you locally produced or organic.

Here is a passage I took from Sustainable Table's blog The Daily Table

When people think about Thanksgiving, the first thing that should pop into mind is gratitude for all of the blessings received throughout the year. The real first thought, however, may be food. Thanksgiving, the most delicious of holidays, is a great time to experiment with sustainable and heritage foods. Read more at Sustainable Table blog post: You can have your turkey and eat it too.

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