Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Choosing a toothpaste and the a company's commitment to water

I try to use natural health care products. Yesterday I needed more toothpaste. I purchased Nature's Gate Cool Mint Gel. I had been using Tom's of Maine. I liked it fine, but I thought I would try something else. I don't know enough about toothpastes to make a recommendation. Do you know about toothpastes and what ingredients are safe and preferred?

As for Professor Cricket, we do have toothpaste for her, but we haven't brushed her teeth in months, maybe even years.

P.S. I just visited the Nature's Gate website and I see they are involved in Water Aid America. Today is November 19: World Toilet Day ››

World Toilet Day is a key date to champion the human right of people everywhere to sanitation.

P.S.S. And now I have just visited the Tom's of Maine website and they are involved in Charity Water. See their community involvement here.


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Prof. Cricket said...

One of the things I didn't realize when I choose the name for Prof. Cricket was how popular the sport of Cricket is in other nations.