Sunday, November 08, 2009

Postcards delivered: Green Team to go to Copenhagen

Green Team members received an email from Sung-ok Lee on Thursday. Sung-ok is Assistant General Secretary Section of Women's Division, GBGM. She informed us that some of our Green Team members will be going to Copenhagen.

Some of her key points:
  • UMW collected 4,000 plus Countdown to Copenhagen postcards and hundreds of online sign-ons and more individual cards sent directly to the Church World Service office in Washington, DC.
  • The total so far counted from the entire ecumenical community is 14,200 postcards.
  • On Thursday Nov. 5, postcards were delivered deliver to the White House and UMW and other faith groups made senate visits. Green Team was represented by Betty Henderson and Grace Pyen, along with Esmeralda Brown, Pam Sparr and Sung-ok working together with our ecumenical partners, Church World Service, National Council of Churches and other faith-based partners.
  • Our UMW leadership, Harriett Olson and Inelda Gonzalez, attended the entire day's events and spoke to the importance of climate justice and U.S. role in setting strong domestic and international policy on climate change.
  • Four persons will participate in the international conference on climate change in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our president, Inelda Gonzalez, has selected one director and recommended a Green Team member and staff persons to organize this delegation. Sung-ok recommended Pat Watkins, as he has been a strong advocate around the US legislative process around climate change in the past couple of years and has steadily guided us in framing a theological perspective on this issue.
  • The two persons attending and assisting with organizing the delegation will be Esmeralda Brown and Pamela Sparr. Inelda has recommended Tupou Kelemeni of Honolulu, HI as the director attending this conference. As a Tongan-American living in Hawaii she has been following what has been happening to small islands in the Pacific with deep concern.

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