Thursday, November 19, 2009

Local television station has regular environmental feature

Caption: Logo of Northland Newscenter's environmental feature.

Many of the mainstream media now have regular environmental features. In the Duluth area the Northland's Newscenter (CBS 6, CBS 3, My 9 and Northland CB) features "Your Green Life." Often in many areas it is the meteorologist or weatherperson who reports the environmental features.

This morning as I watched my morning news, Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson asked, "Which is better, paper or plastic?"

During my environmental presentations I ask this as a trivia question. The winner receives a piece of organic, fair trade chocolate.

So what does the United Methodist Women answer to "Paper or plastic?"
"Neither, I brought my own."

See the the reasons why on this video Paper verses plastic and resusuable bags.

Prof. Cricket and I would love to hear from you. Does your local television station carry an environmental feature? How about your local newspaper?

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