Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Are you drinking processed water?

My sweetie recently got these BPA-free water jugs for us to collect "wild water!"

When I was traveling I heard a podcast that made me think about drinking water in a totally different way. Just like food in our culture, water has become highly processed, going through many filters and chemical treatments before it ever reaches our mouths.

I'm not saying it's bad to remove contaminants from water, but along with contaminants important nutrients are also lost and some chemicals are added. That's why I've been using spring water as my main source of drinking water.

Check out this link to see if there's a spring near you!

Monday, April 07, 2014

Melting snow exposes plastic

This photo may look dirty, icky and grey, but it was a welcome spring sight to me.
Yesterday I was excited to see running water. It's been a long winter and with snowbanks surrounding me  I was excited to see the water. I was remember smiling and thinking about it as I was hurriedly walking to my car. My smile quickly faded as I noticed some plastic bottles in the news stream running down the side of the avenue. "I should pick those bottles up, or they will end up in Lake Superior for eternity," I thought to myself. But I was busy with work and I had on a pretty, filly white shirt. I kept heading for my car. As I got into my car I noticed a empty plastic grocery bag and decided that I could pick up the trashy plastic and place it in the bag.
I could not get in my car and drive away without picking up these bottles.

I grabbed the bag and started picking up plastic bottles, and noticed more and more plastic. I just keep picking it up while trying to avoid soiling my frizzy long sleeve silky shirt. I knew the plastic I was picking up was just a drop in the bucket. I told myself to pick up ten pieces of the most non-compostable litter that I saw. I left a piece of cardboard in the stream. I could have spent all afternoon on this street and I had other things to do, and it wasn't even my neighborhood. I wondered if when I walk my dog if I should pick up plastic.  I used to do that but gave it up because I was doing more stopping and pickup up of plastic than walking the dog.