Saturday, May 30, 2009

Second hand clothing saves on the environment


I had been on a contest with myself to see if I could purchase all my clothing second hand so as not to place a demand for new products on the environment.

I have had very good luck with this. I often get compliments on my clothes.

This spring while at a Ecumenical Advocacy Days I told another UMW member about this. She didn't like the idea because she had to wear second hand clothes as a child. She said they didn't fit right and often were smelly.

Well, I do have rules about purchasing second hand.

  • The must fit and be comfortable
  • There can't be anything wrong with them. No spots, stains and certainly not smelly
Wow, that certainly got this off on a sour note.

Another rule is that I know designer tags when I see them. I always look at the tag and see who made the clothing and what the fabric is made of. Usually a well made designer piece of clothing will last a long time. And you will feel proud to wear it.

Yesterday I purchased some new clothing for the first time in about three years. The only other new items I had purchased was two hats. (I am a hat lady.)