Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tomorrow is Endangered Species Day, See Minnesota Endangered Species Day events

I picked up the paper today and looked at the photo of the polar bear. Polar bears will now be officially listed as an endangered species. To me this is different than the wolves, or the bison.  In many states humans purposely killed those species. I think it is sad, but some humans still don't feel bad about driving out a species that endangered their way of raising cattle.  Many ranchers hate wolves.  In he state of Wisconsin, many years ago, humans purposely killed as many as possible.

The bison were killed for sport.

What is different is that no one is purposely killing polar bears. There is no bounty. There is no group of sportsmen taking glee in killing. There is really no individual to point the finger at.

Reading the story on the front page made me feel hopeless. What can we do?

Read what No Impact Man has to say.

If you live in the southern part of Minnesota here are some events you could attend:

Friday, May 16, is Endangered Species Day.

Minnesota Endangered Species Day event

Upper Missouri River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge

US Fish and Wildlife Service

51 East 4st Street

Winona, MN


You can enjoy biking and canoeing and watch bald eagle or search for prairie birds and plants. The refuge is an angler’s paradise, waterfowl hunters dream and birdwatchers bounty. 

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge

US Fish and Wildlife Service

3815 American Blvd. East

Bloomington, MN


Visit the refuge in the heart of the Twin Cities, where you can hike, bike, canoe and much more.  Learn about the 6 endangered, 4 threatened and 4 candidate species in Minnesota. 

Sherbune Refuge

US Fish and Wildlife Service

17076 293rd Avenue

Zimmerman, MN


The refuge is 50 miles northwest of the Twin Cities and has two scenic hiking trails.  Learn about the 6 endangered, 4 threatened and 4 candidate species in Minnesota.  

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