Monday, May 26, 2008

Chickens in the City?

Today, Memorial Day, I broke a couple of my own rules. I shopped on a national holiday and I purchased a bunch of non-organic food. (We were going to have a cook-out with our neighbor, but it is raining. I am going to make bison burgers. Which I will post about some day to talk about the benefits of this type of meat.)
I went to Whole Foods Co-op at 4 p.m., but they had closed a 3 p.m. So I went to Super One Foods. I almost purchased some of the regular eggs, but they had some eggs in a see-three plastic egg crates that were "cage-free," so I purchased those instead. It bothered me that the egg crate is made of plastic. When I got home the crate said that it was made from recycled plastic.
Here is a chance for you to learn about the benefits of having chickens in your backyard for eggs.
A group of people in Duluth are trying to pass an ordinance allowing for the raising of chickens in the city limits of Duluth, MN.

"Duluth City Chickens: A group advocating for chicken raising in the city of Duluth,MN"

The mission of the "Duluth City Chickens" is to promote responsible urban agriculture by establishing clear legal guidelines for raising chickens within the city of Duluth.

Supporting language

As modern large-scale agriculture becomes unsustainable (due to the rising cost of fuel, the need to cut down on emissions of greenhouse gases, etc.) and as the safety of our food supply becomes less certain, people throughout the world are turning to urban agriculture (including the cultivation of vegetables and fruits, and the raising of poultry for eggs and meat) as a way to increase food self-sufficiency. By recognizing the advantages of ensuring that people living in urban areas have the legal right to raise their own food, it is in the best interests of the residents of Duluth that we establish clear guidelines for responsible urban agriculture.

Read more at Duluth City Chickens

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