Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bulk shopping and plastic bags

I am usually aware of packaging as I am shopping. My favorite place to shop is Whole Foods Co-op so I can get natural and/or organic food and purchase in bulk. It does bother me that I use a lot of plastic bags. I have been trying to save them and reuse them. Washing them is kinda a hassle. Right now I have a whole bunch of used plastic bags.

I save them to pick up Prof. Cricket's dog doo. I don't know if this is a good reuse or not because I don't like the fact that it takes forever for these bags to break down (decompose). Picking up dog doo is important though. If we don't pick it up it all goes into our water supply. Here in Duluth that would be Lake Superior. So I am protecting the lake when I pick it up, even if it is being preserved in the plastic bag which ends up in a landfill.

I have started to use the little brown paper bags for my dry bulk goods, especially treats like nuts, chocolate drops and my peanut butter covered pretzels.

Recently I purchased BYO* Bags. They are a cloth mesh. The tag line is “*Bring Your Own. An Earth Friendly Alternative to plastic produce bags.”

I keep forgetting to put them in my car or purse to try them out.

Check out their website: www.coohatz.biz

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