Tuesday, July 28, 2009

UMW starts the Countdown to Copenhagen: Time to ensure enough for all

By Naomi Yaeger

UMW Green Team Dakotas Rep

Greetings! The UMW Green Team encourages you to get involved in environmental issues. As a Green Team representative, I attended Ecumenical Advocacy Days in Washington, D.C. this March. The theme year was “Enough for All Creation”. After the event we all spoke to our congresspeople and senators on Capital Hill.

Please study the issues and encourage President Obama to attend the Copenhagen, Denmark summit with other world leaders this December. UMW is working with the National Council of Churches and Church World Service in a postcard campaign. I have 1,000 of these postcards and would be happy to send you some. It is important that our president personally attend this event to show that the U.S. is committed to the environment. Caring about the environment is not just about trees and exotic animals. It is about caring for God’s children. The world’s poorest people are disproportionately affected by environmental derogation. Diseases and poverty go hand-in-hand with environmental racism. In our own country our poorest people have the most environmentally caused illnesses and diseases.

Please visit the websites www.churchworldservice.org and www.nccecojustice.org

You may join an environmental Internet group or learn more about UMW at www.umwonline.org.

Also please read your June issue of “Response”, I wrote an article on page 22 titled, “Loving God, people and the earth”. The article profiles other Green Team members and what they are doing within their districts. The Rev. Pat Watkins has founded Caretakers of God’s Creation ministry and another member, Kyung Yu, talks about her role as a Green Team representative and as a scientist.

I would be happy to consult with you or visit your church as a speaker. You may email me at sun_dog_press AT yahoo.com.

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