Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The dog days of summer

Prof. Cricket get trapped in some rocks at Canal Park.

Youth squealed as they jumped of the cement structure into the cold lake. I stuff my feet in the lake...yeap 43 degrees!

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It is almost the middle of August. Time to get serious about the content of the September Hillsider. Today I phoned some advertisers and worked on the layout a bit.

It was really, really hot today. I had a picnic lunch at Canal Park. I found out it is really hard to access the beach with all the boulders there. Those rocks were hot enough to fry an egg! My little doggie got trapped between a couple rocks, but she wormed her way out. Finally we went down near the canal and there is an easier access to the water there. Lots of kids were throwing rock and feeding seagull.

Later we went to Brighton Beach, were Prof. Cricket chased the waves. She likes to try to bite them. She go all the way in the water and believe it or not she did get cold. I had to put her in the car to warm her up.

Anyway, I got my laptop out and worked on the design, made some phone calls and looked at the photos I now have. We want to have a candidate questionnaire and it is looking very tight for space unless I sell some more adds to make a 16 pager rather than a 12 pager.

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