Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Eco-cowpokes explore the heart of North Dakota:McClusky - the city with a heart

McClusky is the geographic center of North Dakota, or the Heart of North Dakota.
Here Matt has cleverly framed Rebecca between the sign and the large heart.
The Eco-cowpokes checked out the heart of North Dakota on their way to Utah. This photo was taken over a week ago.
According to the City's website the population of McClusky in 2010 was 380. In 1940 the population was 924. The town, as any Dakota town, boast beautiful sunsets. And if fishing and hunting are your thing visit this N.D. Fish and Game website. For those of you who love outdoor adventure without hunting or fishing, the town has a swimming pool and is close to the North Country Trail.

Learn more from the town's website
 "McClusky is the Sheridan County seat in North Dakota, United States of America.
McClusky is the closest town to the geographical center of North Dakota, which lies about five miles to the southwest, thus its nickname "Heart of North Dakota."
Located on Highway 200, McClusky is approximately 70 miles NE of Bismarck, and 90 miles SE of Minot.
Sunrise by Steve Haux
We invite you to visit us, to enjoy our parks, swimming pool, Hoffer Lake and local events. The town has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, plenty of clean air. quality schools, healthcare, business opportunities, and a variety of recreational activities.
Sunrise at Hoffer Lake by Jessie Meckle

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