Thursday, July 19, 2018

Every poo counts

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By Naomi Yaeger-Bischoff
with comment from the Eco-Cowgirl, Rebecca Yaeger-Bischoff*

Eco-cowboy, Matt, grins while standing beside this sign along a trail in Bozeman, Mont. 

Those Eco-cowpokes were in Bozeman, Mont. a few days ago. In this photo is a nature trail actually in the city that connects up to the hospital. 

The sign says, How far do you go to scoop? Off trail, in the bushes, light years from the waste station. Every poop counts.
Did you know that picking up your pet's poop is not just a matter of courtesy, but a matter of public health. Lots of people think, Well, animals poop in the wild so why can't my dog or cat? 
The reason is because we humans own so many more pets in cities that per capita it's more than there are wild animals in nature. If their poo is NOT properly disposed of it runs downstream into our drinking water. 

(You know what they say about all X*$# runs downstream.)

If you’re thinking that’s what the water treatment plant is for, well, that’s putting a lot of extra work on what is probably a municipal treatment plant. i.e. You are paying for this treatment.  (Every year Duluth Minn. has trouble with there beach being too full of fecal matter to be safe for swimming.) This fecal matter is from pets and gulls.

If you want more information about how dog poop hurts the environment read
Dogs' use of outdoors as bathroom affects our water

*Thank's for reading: This blog is authored by the Determined Yaeger-Bischoff Women, determined to make a difference in protecting the environment. 

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