Thursday, June 11, 2009

Organic cotton, hemp and bamboo clothes

So a couple weeks ago I purchased organic clothes at the Green Mercantile which is in downtown Duluth.

The clothes I purchased had these brand names: Of the Earth, Indigenous, and Blue Canoe. I suppose I should have someone take a photo of me in my new clothes.

My jeans are made of hemp and they fit perfectly. Right now there website is down so I will have to check back to see if they have photos of my jeans online. I also got a black jacket and a skirt made of cotton and silk.

I selected two shirts from Blue Canoe.
The one shown here, which I got in sapphire blue or what Blue Canoe calls cornflower and another black tank top with lace around the arms.

In the past I had only purchased organic cotton socks at the Green Mercantile because I told myself it was too expensive. When I found myself tempted by some new clothes at an upscale boutique I decided, "If I can buy these, I can buy the ones at Green Mercantile." So I went right over to the Green Mercantile and tried on some clothes. I am very pleased.

(The address is 209 East Superior Street, Duluth, MN 55802. And the phone number is (218) 722-1771.)

If you are living in another location in Minnesota visit this websearch page to find other stores with organic clothing.

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Anonymous said...

Good choices! Large amounts of chemicals are used to grow cotton conventionally. Not only do they degrade the soil and water, but they can also end up on/in you.