Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Eco-Cowgirl and her sidekick impressed with Asheville's commitment to healthy lifestyle

The eco-cowgirl, Rebecca, and her grandmother are on an ecological journey, traveling to wherever their wanderlust takes them. 

Eco-cowgirl writes:
Yum, yum kettle corn and it's organic and low salt!

We happened to be in Asheville, N.C. during Organicfest, a "celebration of everything organic," held in the town's downtown plaza.

There were all kinds of venders displaying crafts made from recycled and earth-friendly materials, organic food, growing systems, local farms, and many informational booths.
Grandma Janette learning more about bees

My grandma and I stopped to talk with a man working to protect bees and promoting the health benefits of honey and bee pollen.  He travels around the US educating people about bees and beekeeping. He doesn't wear any protection when working in his hives and says bee stings have taken away his muscle pain.

Another booth we stopped at had a home hydroponic that grew plants by only running water with added nutrients over the plants' roots. It works indoors and outdoors and can grow enough food for a family of four.
Grandma Janette poses beside some hydroponically grown plants.

My grandma lives in a condo and thought it would be great for her patio. I think it would be nice to have in the winter to grow fresh leafy greens.

When we were done looking at all the booths we stopped and got a treat from a local vendor selling ice cream.  Being vegan, I usually don't get to eat ice cream unless I buy a nondairy kind at a grocery store. Lucky for me all the ice cream to this booth were vegan and some made with mostly raw ingredients!
General sillyness with my grandma.

What a difference it is to go to an event and actually be able to find things I can and want to eat. I left Asheville feeling very impressed with the community's commitment to organic, local food and healthy lifestyle.
Remember to recycle...ya'll


Inge Maskun said...

I was so excited to hear that you were exploring the country (no wonder I haven't seen you at WFC for a while). And doing so with your grandma??? That's even more exciting!!

Keep updating us through your blog with what you see, hear, taste and experience. I'll check back often. Onward and upward Prof. Cricket!!

Prof. Cricket said...

Thanks for your comment Inge. It's great to have you aboard to read our blog.