Saturday, March 16, 2013

Our Stay at the Tree of Life in Arizona

This is the 3 night of our short stay at the Tree of Life in Arizona. We are eating raw food, enjoying the sunshine, and I had been avoiding the Internet. I told everyone that we would not have Internet access. But we do have it where we are staying. My daughter and I are staying at the Garden House. It is a 2 bedroom house.

As I was making our double bed this morning I noticed a tag that said, so I have been curious about that all day. I looked at the website and it has to do with connecting your bed and your body to the healing forces or healing energies of the Earth.

Well, we've eaten all raw vegetable meals make by the chefs at the Tree of Life since we have arrive around noon on Thursday. Today I had a Rolfing treatment. I want to see if someone does Rolfing at home. It is a type of bodywork. It is not an massage, but an alignment or structural integration the works with the connective tissues of the body.

I'm tired now and I'm going to sign off. I hope to write more later.

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