Monday, February 11, 2013

Hiring new people

When I'm looking for a job I try to think about whether I will be able to live up to my commitment to the environment. Ideally, my spouse and I like to live somewhere where we can walk to work.  of course, when I worked at home this wasn't a problem. Often I would take the bus if I needed to met someone elsewhere. Since our residence was on a busy street, many people could pass by and stop on their way to work or back home if they needed to consult in person with me.

As a monthly publication manager I hired an person to keep our books, this would fall under accounting jobs. When interviewing this person I met him at a resturant that was only 1 block from out home.Before I made the decision to hire this individual I called several references. I recommend calling references and it helps you determine whether the person will be a good fit. 


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