Sunday, August 14, 2011

Snippets of words that touch my heart at the UMW National Seminar 2011 Birmingham Ala.

I have been posting snippets of sentences that speak to me as I listen to our speakers at the National Seminar.

"Poverty is a slap in the face of God."

Why does domestic violence happen? Because it can.

Batterers are made, not born.

Violence happens with the idea that some should have power and others should not.

The reason people don't see human trafficking is because it is a hidden crime.

U.S. immigration laws are confusing and contribute to human trafficking.

If I give you a ride and you are an undocumented immigrant, I've broken the law...or if I've feed you.

People of the Maldives Islands say two degrees hotter on this earth is suicide for them.

Domestic violence, racism, human trafficking . immigration, climate change and poverty are all intertwined.

Visible power is who is calling the shots.

Invisible powers are people and institutions that shape our beliefs. (Food is power and is intertwined in all of this.

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