Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Ten Commandments for living on the earth

I received this from Scott Fielder Scott

The following "Ten Commandments" was adopted by the 1991 Wyoming
Annual conference. The Wyoming Conference (of NY & PA) will end this year. I think these commandments should be shared with the new conferences and others.

1. You shall live in harmony with all the earth and with every living thing.
2. You shall have your fair share of the earth and no more.
3. You shall fight to protect the earth; it is your home.
4. You shall return to the earth all the organic treasures she freely gives you.
5. You shall make beautiful and enduring whatever is to be made.
6. You shall keep faith with future generations, and be wise guardians of their inheritance.
7. You shall place necessity above greed, and wonder above wealth.
8. You shall trade only necessary things, and demand no useless ones.
9. You shall be masters of technology and not its servants.
10. You shall come together with all your brothers and sisters and sing the joy of the earth.

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