Sunday, October 25, 2009

UMW: role models and leaders in protecting our environment

Captions: Naomi Yaeger, UMW Green Team Representative, asking trivia questions of the audience. (The winners got organic fair trade chocolate pieces). Some of the women in the audience.

Yesterday was Just Cap It Day and International Day of Climate Change Action or Day. In conjunction with this I gave a UMW Green Team presentation for the Minnesota UMW district officers training event held at the Koinonia Retreat Center in South Haven (which is about 15 miles south of St. Cloud). What a beautiful place to meet, especially with the colorful autumn leaves. I did have be to extra careful driving because of a few large slow-moving farm vehicles on the road. Fall is a beautiful season.

This event was attended by 83 women. I was excited to meet so many active leaders; women who are involved and working for social justice through their faith. I am pleased at their level of commitment to the environment.

I talked about why the Women's Division started a Green Team: because so many of the vulnerable are paying the price for environmental degradation. Instead of putting a bandage on the problem we need to get on the front end of the problem. Let's solve the issue instead of mopping up the mess.

We reviewed the UMW policies:
  • Don't use bottled water. (If this is necessary consider larger containers and filters.)
  • Avoid Styrofoam
  • Use Chlorine-free paper
  • Sign your Countdown to Copenhagen postcard, or do it online here. We want our president to attend this summit with the rest of the world leaders.

Remember, you are a role model for others and you DO have power. Every time you use or purchase something you are exercising that power. Choose wisely.

(Would you like me to speak at your UMW meeting, church event or a non-faith oriented event. I can tailor the presentation to your interests and can meet with large or small groups.

Popular topics include:
  • making your own cleaning supplies
  • food
  • planning an environmentally-friendly event
  • request your own topic

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