Wednesday, June 04, 2008

To reduce waste stay organized

Staying organized is a challenge for me. It seems I have a million things to do. When a person is so busy it is easy to want to eat out, and eat fast food.

I rarely eat at a fast food joint.  I want to eat healthy food and I don't want to create more waste.

Last night were busy and my husband was very hungry. If I had been better organized, I would have had something good ready for him to eat, but I didn't.

He wanted a burger. The last thing I want is a fast food burger. We did decide to go to Taco John's. I think I haven't been their in years.

We both ordered salads. He had a taco (hamburger) salad; I had a chicken salad.  I was disappointed in myself be it was served on disposable plastic plates with plastic forks.

We thought it would be more healthy if we ordered one root beer and one water and shared. Well, the root beer came in a plastic cup and the water came in a Styrofoam cup.  A couple of years ago I gave up Styrofoam. When I mentioned the Styrofoam to my husband, he seemed perturbed. I think he wishes I would loosen up a bit on my standards.

I noticed they also had paper cups. I suppose if you order water you get Styrofoam so it doesn't screw up their count on sold soda pop with the supply company.

Today I brought my own cup to a coffeehouse.  I could have done that yesterday if I would have known that it was going to be in Styrofoam.

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