Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas!
I enjoyed meeting new green people this year and having occasional email contact with you. Have you been able to implement any green practices this Christmas Season?
My husband and I wanted to participate in the "Buy Nothing" Christmas program. But that is really hard. So far I have been able to winnow down and help the environment by purchasing locally made gifts.
I went to my UMW's annual craft bazaar and purchased locally made crafts and/or other goods. This included: soap, candles, jewelry, tablecloths, pot-holders and canned items.
My husband purchased some playing cards for his family made by an artist who attends our church, Gary Lundstrum who owns Great Lakes Design. I also went to a couple art events. Our friend, Wendy Grethen organized a "Get it Local" event which was well attended even though it was a stormy day.
If it is too late now for you to do something similar, perhaps you will remember for next year.

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