Sunday, December 31, 2006

Every day I come across something that would make good content for Ask Prof. Cricket.

This past week I went grocery shopping at a different grocery story. I had decided that I would make a special meal for my husband because I was finally done with the layout and printing of my newspaper and we needed to celebrate.

I was prepared to purchase foods that were not organic. But I was not prepared for the lack of chooses to be earth -friendly.

It seems no matter where you shop grocers use Styrofoam to package meat. But I decided to get something from the deli also, The twice-baked potatoes looked good. As soon as I asked for two, I realized that the young woman behind the counter was going to place them in Styrofoam. I asked if she could get tin foil. She ended up getting to separate plastic containers for the two potatoes. I was going to get another side dish, but was disheartened by all the packaging I was using for this special meal.

I guess we will just have to plan ahead to reduce the amount of packaging we use. We all like convenience. As I shopped, I saw some people who attend my church. I realized that if this is their neighborhood grocery store, they are not given many options to stay earth friendly in their purchases.

As I walked from the meat counter to the deli, I went through the laundry aisle. Almost every detergent is packaged in a plastic jug. I wondered how much oil is used to produce those jugs and do they ever get reused or recycled? I use a product that can be brought back to the store and is refilled there. I also get a dollar off when I do that.

The store was also giving away free coffee. The cups are provided by Arco and our Styrofoam. I loved coffee, but I nixed the idea.

In the end I just went home disgusted with myself for waiting for the last minute to prepare a meal and resorting to convenience. And disgusted that the majority of people in my town don't have choices at their neighborhood grocery store.

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